FMS Ultimate is happy to announce the addition of the sport of goaltimate to the Falmouth fall sports lineup! Goaltimate is a sport that uses a lot of the elements found in ultimate but adds in the twist of a goal, through which points are scored. It’s a fast-paced and super fun sport.

Our goaltimate program will start up Thursday, September 12th and will run through Thursday, October 17th. Thursday sessions run 4:30-6:00pm while Sundays are 3:00-4:30pm.

Goaltimate games are 5×5 and feature on-the-fly subbing like hockey. Games will be held at the baseball fields at Legion Field on Depot Road.

The cost to register for goaltimate is $75, though as always, finances should never be a factor in decided to play or not– our general policy is that families pay however much is affordable to them. Click over here to register your player. Girls and boys in grades 3rd-8th are welcome to register.