Virtual Preseason

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, our 2020 preseason has been delayed until at least April 27th. Rather than cancel the entire preseason, we’ve decided to run it virtually and will be posting up materials here for players to complete on their own remotely. We will be scheduling events to start at the same time, so even if we’re all just jogging on our own, we’ll be doing it together in-spirit at least.

Information for remote practices will be posted here in the coming days and weeks. Please email Coach Shea if you have any questions or if your player does NOT have a disc at home and he will get one to your house, freshly-sanitized.

PLAYLISTS: We will be organizing our team runs around these playlists. Each are around 20 minutes long and we’ll run for as long as they play. If you do not have access to a phone or Spotify, no worries- a watch or some other time-measuring device is perfectly fine instead. If you are able to listen to the playlist while you run, you should run at a tempo that matches the song- if the song is faster, you should run faster. Alternatively, when a slower song comes on, slow down your pace to match.

Playlist 1

Playlist 2

Playlist 3

Playlist 4

Playlist 5

Playlist 6

Playlist 7

Playlist 8