Midweek virtual practice!

We have another great day for a virtual team practice! We’ll all be heading out today at 3pm on our individual team runs and listening to Playlist #3!

After your run, it’s back home for throwing- 100 backhands, 100 forehands, 50 scoobers, and 50 hammers. Then a minute of spinning the disc on each hand followed by at least 30 minutes of watching game footage.

Today we are tuning into the 2019 Mixed National Championship game between San Francisco Mischief and Philadelphia AMP.

Remember- bonus points for watching the entire game!

Roll Falmouth!

What did ultimate look like back in 1980?


Though ultimate is a new sport to many of our players, it’s been around since the 1960s, when it was invented by a bunch of rowdy high school kids in New Jersey (including movie producer Joel Silver, seen in the photo above with sunglasses on, far left).

Nice form!
Nice form!

USA Ultimate dug up some great old game footage from as far back as 1980 (an eternity ago to our players; I was two years old that year). Though the shorts are a lot shorter, the game style isn’t too far from how it looks today.

Greatest game of HORSE, part 2

We watched a fun video in practice today with Brodie Smith, one of the top players in ultimate and maybe the top guy in frisbee trick shots. Here’s part two.

Something tells me that we’re going to have a lot of scuffed up discs at the next practice. 😀