Game footage homework for Rogue players

Players on Falmouth Rogue have homework this week- watch this high-level ultimate game.

One important note here- you should notice the green-shirted officials on the field. While it’s true that we typically do not use referees in ultimate, higher level games do usually feature ‘observers’, who are there to act as impartial parties for certain calls who can be appealed to if players are not able to work issues out themselves on the field. You can read more about observers here.

Intramural registration is open!

Registration is now open for intramural ultimate, open to students living in Falmouth in grades 3-8. Intramural will start on Wednesday, April 27th, running every Wednesday through June 8th. There will be an ice cream social tournament to wrap up the season the weekend of June 11th/12th, with exact timing TBA.

You can register for Intramural here.

Please note: NO player will EVER be turned away for financial reasons. Scholarship funds are available for any families unable to cover the team fee. If you are in need of financial assistance, please indicate so on the player/parent form.

Information for new parents

Welcome new parents!

I’ve been teaching lots of kids how to play ultimate this week at Falmouth Elementary (big thanks to Mr. Sprague!), so I wanted to share some quick basic information for parents who kids might be interested in playing ultimate.

We have two basic programs for kids to choose from, depending on their grade level. Our intramural program is for students in the 3rd-8th grades and is just one day-a-week, starting up in May when we can get outside to play on the grass. Intramural runs from 6-7:30pm on Wednesdays and is for kids who play other sports or who just want to play a little bit of ultimate. It’s relaxed and mellow and focused on fun.

Our travel program, also known as Falmouth Rogue, is for kids in the 4th-8th grades who want to play and learn more about the fine points of ultimate. Kids do not need to try out for the travel team nor do they need previous experience playing- the travel team is for kids who just want to play more. The travel team starts up in April, with weekend practices, before transitioning to a four-day-per week schedule in May. Travel team players either practice or play games against other towns Monday through Thursday, though on Wednesday the travel players just play in the intramural program, so that’s their easier day in the week.

There is more running and training involved with the travel team and we generally expect travel players to take the game more seriously, even while we’re having lots of fun getting awesome. Travel players also get uniforms and hats and more frisbees. We also expect that travel players do not play other sports during the season, or if they do, they make ultimate a priority if there is ever a conflict.

There is one tournament for the travel team in Amherst, Massachusetts in the middle of May, but otherwise we play against local teams, so there isn’t actually that much travel to the travel team.

Another important note is that sign-ups for the travel team close out on Tuesday, March 29th, after which time registration for intramural opens. There is no deadline to sign up for the intramural team.

Sign ups now open for Intramural!

If you have any other questions after reading through this, you can check out our official FAQ and/or get in touch with me directly at

Roll Falmouth!

Coach Shea

Details for today’s hat tournament in Falmouth

It’s a beautiful day for ultimate! Here are all the pertinent details for today:

Eight teams, four fields
4 vs 4, can play 3 vs 3 if needed
45 minute game periods
Games to 9, half at 4
Hard cap after 40 minutes, that’s the last point, ties are OK.

Games start at 9:15, 10:15, and 11:15. The schedule is as follows:

Don’t forget- we’re on the LAST SET of fields at the Falmouth Community Park; just past the set of fields that we have been playing on.

Team composition is subject to being changed at the fields.

Team 1
Boone G
Wyatt C
Cheeya R
Kasey N

Team 1 Schedule
9:15 – Team 2 on Field 1
10:15 – Team 3 on Field 1
11:15 – Team 8 on Field 2

Team 2
Milo W
Simon W
Callum G
Wilson L

Team 2 Schedule
9:15 – Team 1 on Field 1
10:15 – Team 8 on Field 4
11:15 – Team 5 on Field 4

Team 3
Max M
Chris J
Knox C
Patrick M
Aiden W

Team 3 Schedule
9:15 – Team 4 on Field 2
10:15 – Team on 1 Field 1
11:15 – Team on 6 Field 1

Team 4
Declan O
Fiona A
Ella W
Elliot R

Team 4 Schedule
9:15 – Team 3 on Field 2
10:15 – Team 5 on Field 2
11:15 – Team 7 on Field 3

Team 5
Elise T
Eliza R
Owen T
Wyatt S
Beck L

Team 5 Schedule
9:15 – Team 6 on Field 3
10:15 – Team 4 on Field 2
11:15 – Team 2 on Field 4

Team 6
George K
Rory B
Adrian B
Louis L
Ben R

Team 6 Schedule
9:15 – Team 5 on Field 3
10:15 – Team 7 on Field 3
11:15 – Team 3 on Field 1

Team 7
Zora D
Zach T
Jarin R
Scarlet L
Alden R

Team 7 Schedule
9:15 – Team 8 on Field 4
10:15 – Team 6 on Field 3
11:15 – Team 4 on Field 3

Team 8
Sean L
Lucas D
Wyatt B
Simon T

Team 8 Schedule
9:15 – Team 7 on Field 4
10:15 – Team 2 on Field 4
11:15 – Team 1 on Field 2

Sign up for the Falmouth Ultimate Hat Tournament on Sunday, June 13

Registration is now open for the Falmouth Ultimate Hat Tournament, to be held on Sunday, June 13th from 9-noon, which will be followed by an ice cream and frozen fruit pop party. The Falmouth Ultimate Hat Tournament will be held at the Falmouth Community Parks and is open to girls and boys living in Falmouth in grades 4-8.

Please click here to register your player. There is no cost to register and to play, but all players do need to actually be registered so we have a handle on numbers.

Roll Falmouth!

Intramural registration is open for 2021!

Given *All The Things*, we’ll be going all-intramural this year with Falmouth Rogue, with plans to return to also running a travel program next year.

You can register your player here! Girls and boys in grades 2-8 welcome to play!

Email coach Shea Gunther at with any questions.

And please share the news widely that we’re up and running!

Roll Falmouth!

New disc design for 2021 AND a new character!

Dr. Anthony Fowlci everyone!

Falmouth Rogue is very very lucky to have the wise Dr. Anthony Fowlci join the program this year as an advisor. Our new 2021 disc design has Dr. Fowlci catching Rogue up on all the facts and information they need to forge ahead with a safe and fun season. We’re all very lucky to have Dr. Fowlci.

HUGE thanks to team artist John Rioux for this amazing work! Check out his website!