Sign up for the Falmouth Rogue summer camp!

We’re super excited to be running our first summer camp this year with the Falmouth Rec. Department. Our day- camp will run from 9am to 1:30pm Monday through Thursday the week of June 26 and will feature a lot of fun ultimate, disc sports, and ice cream. You can sign up here. The cost of the camp is $185; campers will get a disc and a reversible jersey. Scholarship funds are available for any family in need- finances should NEVER get in the way of a kid playing ultimate.

Roll Falmouth!

Travel team homework!

This is a great game from a while back between two of the top women’s club teams in ultimate- Boston Brute Squad and the San Francisco Fury. Travel team players should watch the whole game this week- get your family involved if you can!

Some things to look for include how the handlers move and where they stand on the field, how the cutters set up their stack down the field and how they cut from there, and the types of cuts that both positions make. How about how they always have an easy option in the backfield? Pick a player and watch her throughout a point to see how to move.

Special note- #52 on Brute Squad is Caitlin O’Connell, who is local to the Portland area and is a rostered member of the Portland Rising professional ultimate team.

Spirit of the Game- Falmouth Rogue represents!

Falmouth Rogue represents!

Check it out! Falmouth Rogue alum Caitlyn Hanley (FHS class of 2019) pops up in this great video produced by USA Ultimate about the importance of the Spirit of the Game! Caitlyn was a founding player for Falmouth Rogue and a leader in Maine’s YCC program, which sends the state’s best ultimate players to Nationals every year to compete against other state all-star players, and it was under that banner that she was under for this video appearance.

We’re all mega proud to see that! Awesome work and great spirit Caitlyn!

You can see Caitlyn around the 0:23 mark.

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Register for the 2023 Travel team!

It’s time for another awesome and exciting season with Falmouth Rogue! This year marks the 11th year that Falmouth has had a youth ultimate team and is my tenth year leading up the program, and I am about as excited as can be.

I spent all last week teaching the kids in Falmouth how to play ultimate in their gym classes and I know there are a lot of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders looking forward to playing more of the sport this spring. Here is how our 2023 season is going to roll out:

Kids have two options for playing ultimate in Falmouth this spring- they can join either the Intramural team or the Travel team. The Intramural team starts playing in May and will be meeting twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to play against one another.

The Travel team is for players who want to play ultimate as their main sport and will be meeting four times per week in our regular season and on weekends in April. The Travel team starts practicing on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoons in April before moving outside to a four-day-per-week schedule in May, once the fields dry out and we can run around on the grass. The Travel team also gets uniforms and plays regularly scheduled games against other towns like Portland, Gorham, South Portland, and Cape Elizabeth.

One fun feature of our schedule is that players on the Intramural and Travel teams will be playing all together on Intramural days, with the other days of the week for travel-only practices and games.

In summation, it looks a little like this:


  • Travel team practices indoors on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.


  • Intramural team starts playing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays once the grass is dry. Travel team players join in with the Intramural program on Mondays and Thursdays while also meeting to play against other towns and and to practice separately on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


  • Both programs wrap up with an in-town hat tournament/ice cream party where all the Falmouth kids get put on random teams and play against one another for an hour or so before eating too much ice cream.

If your player is going to join the Intramural team, you do NOT need to sign up yet. Intramural team sign-ups start in April after our Travel program begins.

If your player is going to join the Travel team, you DO need to sign up now. You can click here to begin that process.

If you have any questions about the program or how things work, do not hesitate to email me at

Roll Falmouth Rogue!

Coach Shea

Ben Field for Callahan 2022!

In 2013, I took over as coach of the Falmouth middle school ultimate program, which had started just the year before under the coaching of my friend Jason Quint. One of the 8th graders on Jason’s 2012 founding team was a kid named Ben Field, who went on to a stellar career on the Falmouth high school team, winning numerous state championships. Once Ben hit college, he started racking up ultimate-related awards and accolades and playing for top tier club teams club teams when he wasn’t leading his college squad. This past season was Ben’s last playing at the college level and his school, Northeastern, just released this nomination and hype video for Ben to be given the Callahan award, the highest award given to college players each year- one to the top men’s player and one to the top women’s player.

Give this a watch!

  • Coach Shea