Player to know: John Stubbs

John Stubbs is one of ultimate’s top young players and is a name you should know. Check out this sweet highlights reel of one of his best games:

Uniforms get here on Tuesday, which means they will be dropped off to your house, along with a disc, by the end of the week!

Roll Falmouth!

Trent Dillon runs a point

Check out how Trent Dillon (#16 wearing a hat), playing for the University of Pittsburgh, runs this team’s offense. Like a boss. THIS is how you dominate a point as a regent.

More great work from Trent Dillon:


Highlights from 2019 College Nationals

With Falmouth Rogue now graduating high school seniors up into the world of college ultimate, this is a perfect time to share highlights from the recent 2019 College Championships. The state of the college game is strong and getting stronger. I can’t wait to see our players start to show up in highlight reels like this! It won’t be long.