Falmouth Rogue, the highlights video

This season we’re super lucky to be employing the services of ultimate video-producing superstar Charles Cleary, who is local to the area and known for his top quality videos. A sample of this work is below. Chuck will be filming one of our games this season and producing a similar video of highlights for Falmouth Rogue. Get excited!

Click over for more Chuck’s work.

‘Sky is Red’ documentary- the “untold story of the push for gender, race, and class equity in the growing world of ultimate”


This is a very important project worthy of our support.

The Sky Is Red will tell the stories of underrepresented and marginalized individuals pushing for gender, race, and class equity in the growing world of ultimate frisbee from 1968 to the present. The film will explore the parallels and connections between history and present-day events. The unsung efforts and tricky conversations in the small community of ultimate become a microcosm for the fight to upend institutional power balances in the world.”