Team Kit ordered!

We have liftoff! Our jerseys and shorts are officially ordered!

Art by Falmouth’s own Joey Han.




Our team kit will be delivered sometime in the first week of May or so.Get excited!

Pro game: AUDL— Dallas Roughnecks vs Austin Sol, 4/2/16

The Dallas Roughnecks play in the AUDL, one of the two professional ultimate leagues in operation (the other is Major League Ultimate), have built an incredible lineup this year with some of the best names in ultimate on the roster. Built around living legend and captain Beau Kittredge, the Roughnecks round out their starting corps with Jimmy Mickle (my favorite player), Dylan Freechild, Kurt Gibson, and Cassidy Rasmussen. All huge names in ultimate.

You should note that there are a few rule differences between middle school ultimate and the AUDL:

  • Double team defensive coverage is allowed in the AUDL but not in middle school ultimate.
  • Games in the AUDL run a certain length of time, not a certain number of points. In middle school ultimate, we play games to 13 or 15.
  • Games in the AUDL are run with observers/referees who make calls. In middle school ultimate, we make all of our own calls.

Bonus video: Beau jumping over a guy:

Bonus bonus: I drafted Beau on my summer league team waaaaay back in the day. It was his first year living in Colorado and I drafted him because he was tall. We ended up winning the league championship that year. I’m the beardless guy holding the disc up, Beau is second from the left. My only ultimate claim-to-fame.


Season starts this week! First Rogue practice is on Thursday. Final Parents/Players meeting on Tuesday

Get excited! The 2016 season will kick off this week with the first Falmouth Rogue practice on Thursday from 5:30 – 7:00 pm at the old middle school on Lunt Road. This first practice will be a classroom meeting where we will watch some videos, talk about the season ahead, go over Player Packets, and get our discs.

Players need to bring an empty three-ring binder that they will use as their team notebook over the season.

We will be practicing in the high school (Sundays) and middle school (Thursdays) gyms during the preseason, with our first indoor practice on Sunday, April 3rd at 3pm.


The last preseason Parents and Players meeting will be held tomorrow, March 29th, at 6pm in the Falmouth Community Library on Lunt Road. This will be a repeat of our earlier meeting this month and is designed for those who were unable to attend that session.


Roll Falmouth!

FMS Travel is now “Falmouth Rogue”!

rogue 750

The FMS Travel Team is now officially known as Falmouth Rogue!

We are Falmouth Rogue!

Not the Rogues, but Rogue. We are one. We are Rogue.

We were very lucky to work with local Falmouth artist and student Joey Han, whose sister Katie, now up in the high school, was a founding member of FMS Ultimate. Our team kit will be printed by the fine folks at FIVE Ultimate and should be in our hands around the first week of May.

Roll Falmouth Rogue!