Fundamentals—the forehand throw

Another good video from Rise Up, this time going over the forehand throw.

One thing for our players to note—Coach Wiggins releases his forehand throw with a flat disc. I teach you to “spill the cup of water” by dropping the outside edge before throwing. Both are right. Coach Wiggins (and other experienced throwers) released their forehand throws much flatter than newer players because veteran players have the snap down—they release the disc with enough of the right kind of force that their throws fly the angle they want.

When you are first starting off throwing the forehand however, you don’t have the right release yet. So you think about dropping that outside edge down so that the disc flies up and stays flat and true. As you throw more and get more comfortable with the forehand, you’re releases will naturally flatten out.

Beau jumps over a guy

We watched this video today in practice and I thought some of the players might want to share. This is Beau Kittredge, one of the best players in the history of ultimate frisbee, jumping over an opponent. Please note: this is not a regular occurrence in ultimate and speaks more to Beau’s killer athleticism more than anything else.

I also showed this picture of a summer league team that I captained when I lived in Boulder, Colorado back in 2002. If you look, you’ll noticed Beau standing on the left side of the image (second from the left). I’m standing in the middle holding up the disc and the number 1 symbol. It was Beau’s first summer in Boulder, no one knew who he was, and I ended up drafted him because he was tall (since I was also new and didn’t know anyone in the draft, I just picked the tallest available choice every round). Of course we won the tournament that year.