First look at our new Rogue Jstar disc design!

The 145-gram Jstar disc by Discraft is a wonderfully scaled-down version of the 175-gram Ultrastar discs used in regulation play. We are printing up 100 Falmouth Rogue Jstar discs this year to use in our new 2nd/4th grade intramural program and for use when Coach Shea teaches the Falmouth 4th graders how to play ultimate in their gym classes. Here’s a mock up of how they will look. We’ll have them ready to throw by mid-March!

rogue Jstar

Credit to Falmouth artist Joey Han for the design of our logo, which converted to one-color beautifully.




Season starts this week! First Rogue practice is on Thursday. Final Parents/Players meeting on Tuesday

Get excited! The 2016 season will kick off this week with the first Falmouth Rogue practice on Thursday from 5:30 – 7:00 pm at the old middle school on Lunt Road. This first practice will be a classroom meeting where we will watch some videos, talk about the season ahead, go over Player Packets, and get our discs.

Players need to bring an empty three-ring binder that they will use as their team notebook over the season.

We will be practicing in the high school (Sundays) and middle school (Thursdays) gyms during the preseason, with our first indoor practice on Sunday, April 3rd at 3pm.


The last preseason Parents and Players meeting will be held tomorrow, March 29th, at 6pm in the Falmouth Community Library on Lunt Road. This will be a repeat of our earlier meeting this month and is designed for those who were unable to attend that session.


Roll Falmouth!

2016 Parents/Players Meeting— Thursday, March 10th at 6pm at Falmouth Library

The first Parents and Players meeting of the season will be at the Falmouth Memorial Library on Thursday, March 10th at 6pm at the Falmouth Memorial Library on Lunt Road. I will go over details for the season, including the new split to two teams (Travel and Intramural) and answer any questions. I will be posting all necessary details here on the website after the meeting, so if you can’t make it for whatever reason, don’t worry.

Roll Falmouth!

– Coach Shea


This is our sport

Just in case anyone needs a video to show a prospective player what this sport of ours can look like, here are a couple of good ones. The first shows what a high level full length game looks like while the second is a bit flashier and focuses on a lot of diving layout blocks and catches.

Welcome to the 2015 season!

Hello parents and players!

The calendar is just about ready to tick over to March and I couldn’t be more excited about our upcoming season! Just a few days ago I met with all the other middle school ultimate coaches and plotted out what our season will look like. There was a lot of good energy in the room as we envisioned how to structure our small but growing league.

This website will serve as a resource for parents in registering new players and as a source for team announcements and news as the season evolves. New ideas and feedback are always welcome—just email me at

– Coach Shea