Highlights video—check out how the top players make it look good

What this video lacks in image-resolution, it makes up for in sheer-awesomeness!

Thanks to coach Rob Rowse of Falmouth Ultimate for sharing this one with us!


All ready to teach ultimate at the middle school


I will be helping middle school gym teacher Maureen Sylvia teach a unit on ultimate frisbee to the 6th graders this week and the one after vacation. These are all the discs I’m bringing. And yes, they all have FMSultimate.com written on the bottom. 😀

Canada vs Australia – 2012 Ultimate Championships – Mixed Final

The players have been given some ultimate homework this week—they all need to go for a 20 minute jog and they need to spend at least 20 minutes watching this game of professional-level ultimate frisbee (you’re invited to join them in watching).

The first pull is around the five minutes mark, which you can skip to if you want to jump over the standard pre-game production.